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Spice of life (and great writing)

Because freelance copywriting produces a mixed bag of projects, it needs a copywriter who is flexible, adapts quickly to the client’s needs and delivers great copy that targets the audience from the first word.

I’ve written for companies varying from engineers to games manufacturers, from electronics retailers to publishers of children’s books, for print and digital.

So whatever your specialism, I’ll get to know what you do so I can communicate your message exactly as you want your readers to see it.

Orrani Consulting

Web copy for Orrani Consulting, a leader in the international agribusiness, food and drink and ingredient sectors.


I've worked on some major projects for mobile telecoms giant Three.

They include rewriting the scripts used by staff at their contact centre to match the Three tone of voice, and rewriting the Mobile Broadband help section of the customer-facing website.

Please note that I am currently unable to show any copy here for reasons of confidentiality.

Ginger Fox

Copy for trivia games and novelty gift items, including this mug for your favourite geek.

Ethical Trading Initiative

ETI wanted a short brochure to showcase their Ethical Trading training courses. The copy was aimed at businesses of all sizes who want to implement ethical trading into their processes. I also rewrote the Training section of their website.

Vpress digital printing

Vpress needed to communicate their expertise in digital printing. I wrote the copy to sell their services, based on their philosophy of “online printing made simple”.

The words had to work hard and appeal to the three diverse target audiences of print managers, print buyers and the printers themselves.

Alpha Sign Systems

Wrote the copy for a brochure to refresh the tone of voice and complement the new look that Alpha Sign Systems wanted to communicate.

The writing included case studies and was sent as part of a business drive showing that Alpha offer industry-leading, innovative and bespoke services.


I’ve written numerous articles and press releases for CRDM.

In an industry where specialist knowledge is key CRDM need to demonstrate why they justify their position as market leader.

I wrote this piece for the launch of their Additive Layer Manufacturing consultancy, striking the balance between showing expertise and making it readable.


High street electronics retailer Comet wanted to demonstrate their range of the latest technology without baffling the customers most likely to be buying it for Christmas presents.

I wrote text that showed what the products could do, using pull-out boxes to explain techno-jargon in plain English.

It meant that whatever the technical knowledge of the reader, they were able to understand exactly what the featured item could do.