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Times have been tough for, well, The Times recently - and the rest of the printed press.

So tough, in fact, that well-known futurist Ross Dawson is predicting the extinction of newspapers within the next 10 years in the UK and US.

So with circulation figures falling, how do the Fleet Street big boys find the money to pay for their journalism?

Obviously, a strong web presence is vital in bringing updated news to readers 24 hours a day, particularly amongst huge competition from other news channels. Yet finding a way to make it profitable is a headache that needs to be addressed.

The Times is bravely making the first leap into paid-for content. The move has meant a drop in unique visitors from 21 million to 2.7 million in the first month (that's an 87% fall).

However, the bods over at News International seem happy enough with their 100,000 subscribers. Now they just need to make 'em stay... and I suspect it won't be long before the other main newspapers follow. "Extinction" by 2019 doesn't seem that unlikely after all.

The final hurdle will be finding a way to read electronic papers in the bath and, of course, finding something else to light the fire with.

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